Monday, January 16, 2012

NY Knicks vs. Orl Magic Recap 1/16/12

In a game where Dwight Howard only scores 8 points you would think the Knicks have a pretty good chance to win the game. Well they did until they decided to get lazy in the 4th quarter of today's game. The Knicks would eventually lose 102-93, leaving their record under .500 at 6-7. Not to mention, they are on a 3-game losing streak.

The story of the game was forward Ryan Anderson and the 3-point shooting of the Orlando Magic. Anderson has been a great asset to the Orlando Magic this season as he dropped a career-high 30 points, making 7-13 from downtown. The Magic as a team shot 17-35 (48.6%) from the 3 which is inexplicable. 

The Knicks should feel ashamed wasting the great defensive effort of Tyson Chandler as he shut down Dwight. It was clear Chandler came into this one with one goal in mind. He played physical and got in the head of Howard, drawing offensive fouls which led to a technical from Dwight as well.

Amare Stoudemire continued his inconsistent season. Stat only played 21 minutes in the game as he was constantly in foul trouble. He needs to get his head in the game and play smarter defense. The Knicks cannot continue to put so much pressure on Melo to carry the team as he put up 27 shots today (only making 9). I feel like Amare isn't giving it his all. He needs to sit down and study tape and learn from his mistakes or he will continue to struggle.

Even if Stat is in foul trouble, the Knicks need to find more offensive firepower on their team. Guards Landry Fields and Bill Walker should be contributing more. I depend on both of these guys to be scoring at least 10 points per game. Toney Douglas looked good at times today when he was taking the Magic off the dribble. His outside shooting has not been there this year and he needs to realize that.

Overall, this is a heart-breaking defeat considering the Knicks were leading most of the game and were even winning by 8 points at one point. They were doing a great job controlling the pace and contesting shots until the 4th quarter as I mentioned earlier. Their next game comes against the Phoenix Suns Wednesday in New York at 7:30pm. 

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